Navagne Management

Strategic & Financial Advisory Services Company


Navagne Management BVBA ("Navagne") is an independent strategic & financial advisory services company.

Navagne is a financial services firm specialized in three core businesses:

  1. Providing advices to corporate clients for financial and/or strategic management, and the operational support for the execution of related transactions;
  2. Delivering investment strategy & risk management advices to institutional investors, with a more specific focus for managing perpetual, subordinated or convertible debt portfolios;
  3. Assisting clients with AI implementation and developing AI tools for finance.

Navagne can provide support to run or restructure a finance department, to redefine and implement capital & funding strategies, and/or to help clients to successfully overcome temporary crisis situations. Navagne can assist you in assessing the optimal capital structure, in re-organising the company as needed, raising capital and liquidity to fund internal or external growth, improving the financial flexibility, preparing an IPO or entering into M&A process.

Leveraging on its experience and expertise in debt & equity capital markets, Navagne can also assist you for managing portfolios with a focus on subordinated bonds and hybrid capital instruments in view of optimizing the risk / return profile of the positions.

Eventually, Navagne can help you with developing an AI strategy or concretely implement an AI financial model for your company.

To help you, Navagne is not related to any larger company which could limit its independence to be fully dedicated to its clients; but Navagne relies on a solid network of professionals and independent companies it can team up with, to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

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